A Guide to Buying CBD Oil – What You Should Consider

CBD Oil Canada
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Estimates about the growth of the cannabidiol industry vary but it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting industries at the time. According to one study, CBD sale in the United States will cross $20 billion by 2024. Today, you can find the compound in the form of edibles, beverages, creams, oils and much more. Just like any other market, it is the responsibility of the user to distinguish the best from the rest. You should remember that the FDA has not yet regulated the market and it is essential that you perform research to ensure you get the highest-quality product available. Here are the top considerations you should take into account before investing in a cannabidiol product. 

Isolate or Full-Spectrum?

A CBD isolate contains the compound in its pure form and it does not contain any other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. On the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains all the naturally-occurring components of the plant. These components work together to produce the entourage effect that delivers better benefits than an isolated compound. 

Extraction Process

The extraction method plays a big role in deciding the quality of the product. CBD should be extracted from the plant to activate the cannabinoids and make the compound suitable for consumption. There are many methods of extraction three of which are standard ones – Solvent Extraction, Olive Oil Extraction and CO2 Extraction. The safest of these is the CO2 extraction that produces a clean and potent CBD oil without leaving any solvent residues. Most reliable companies employ this method to offer superior quality products. 

CO2 Extraction Process
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Amount of CBD

Dosage is important for Cannabis oil products but finding the right serving is not easy. A person may need 10mg while some other person may need 30mg to get the same effects. You should go for the products that label their cannabidiol content clearly. When you know how much CBD the bottle contains, it becomes easy to determine how much you should consume to get the desired effects. The ingestion method is also worth considering. According to research, CBD oil vape products offer higher bioavailability as compared to oral ingestion. But many people choose edibles as the effects last longer. It requires some experimentation to determine which method delivers the best results. 

Third-Party Lab Tests

It is quite easy to make false claims in an unregulated industry like cannabidiol. However, most reputed companies give access to third-party lab test results to let users verify the cannabinoid content in the products. Certificate of Analysis lets you check whether the products are free of any harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Such a report verifies the quality of ingredients and gives you peace of mind. When you can see such reports, you know that you are getting an organic, safe and potent product. 

Source of CBD

This consideration decides the safety and legality of the products you buy from an online dispensary Canada. The federal government allows the use of cannabidiol extracted from industrial hemp but does not permit marijuana-derived CBD. The 2018 Farm Act legalized the use of industrial hemp that should contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. Choose such a compound to make sure you are on a safe side.